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Strategic Planning Services

Knightsbridge provides a full range of strategic marketing and business planning consulting services, which generate professional, practical and effective solutions to the many challenges faced by our clients.

What is strategic planning? Well simply put, there is sometimes little distinction between implementation (doing things right) and strategy (doing the right thing).

At Knightsbridge, we believe the first order of business is getting the proper strategy in place, (doing the right thing), and the second is effectively implementing that strategy, (doing things right).

Strategy Problems? We can help!

If you would like to discuss how Knightsbridge might work with you to address the challenges faced by your company, please contact Stuart Strathdee at Knightsbridge by email at, or by phone at 902-456-7929.

If after that initial conversation, you decide to proceed further, Knightsbridge will prepare a proposal for you to consider, that will address your specific needs.

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Why use a consultant?

Companies rarely think twice about calling an accounting firm for financial  advice, or a law firm for legal counsel, but many are reluctant to turn to  outside help for advice on business operational or marketing challenges.

Here are three reasons why you should consider engaging a business consultant.

Long Term Perspective

In today's intensely competitive business environment, determining the proper business and marketing strategies is essential to the long term success of any company.

It is critical that the strategies adopted by a company be the right strategies for meeting corporate objectives and addressing new issues and/or opportunities looming on the horizon.

Access to The Required Expertise

Successful business management is the result of a unique combination of accurate analysis, business acumen, creativity and experience. Top flight business managers and marketers are rare.

Engaging a qualified consultant will give your company access to the expertise required to identify and develop successful business strategies, tailored to your particular business environment to meet your company's objectives within its available resources.

Objective Assessment

Even if you are relatively pleased with your company's performance and/or marketing activities, it is still important to have an annual "check-up" to review its overall health.

An objective, fresh perspective on your business management and marketing efforts relative to your long term objectives and competitive environment may indicate that you are still pointed in the right direction, or alternatively, may indicate that you should reconsider your current strategy.

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