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One of the core counselling services provided by Knightsbridge is assisting the client in developing an early warning system to flag significant variances from plan. The process involves setting up a key indicator reporting system tailored to each of the company's key executive's needs.

This system compares actual results to plan for key performance indicators under the particular executive's purview. It is done on both a monthly and year-to-date basis and identifies significant variances between actual results and plan. The reports are provided to the appropriate executive, who is requested to provided rationale for the variance, and provide his/her plan for corrective action.

This effectively red flags issues requiring attention, and enables remedial action to be taken to ensure that the plan objectives are achieved.

When the system is up and running, Knightsbridge meets with the client on an as-needed basis to address issues that have arisen through the key indicator reports.

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Business Mentoring

Need someone to help you deal with a specific challenge? We can help!

Knightsbridge offers a business counselling/mentoring service to its clients.

Counselling is a practice by which one person helps another through the provision and exchange of specialized information and/or processes.

It is often focused on professional development activities supported by an experienced peer.

Most counsellors, whether engaged to help address a one-time issue, or utilized regularly as a long-term resource, offer new ideas and ways of thinking about problems that often the client hadn't thought of.

Knightsbridge helps its clients acquire the capability to assess their current situation, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives, make an informed decision on whether or not to act, and develop strategies, action plans and budgets where action is required.

Knightsbridge provides counselling through the complete range of business functions including marketing, finance, human resource development, and operations. These services include helping the client address issues around such areas as business model development, start-up, expansion, business plan development, marketing plan development, financial statements, management, financing, and implementing management best practice programs.