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The specific project parameters will vary from client to client, as each will have unique requirements and desired areas of focus. This is usually done as a result of management concerns around one or more issues. Knightsbridge works with the client to identify existing or potential challenges (problems or opportunities) and develop a remedial plan of action to address the challenges presented.

Often the yardstick is a comparison of the client's operation and practices to industry best practice standards. The implementation of a best practices philosophy has become a key determining factor of the level of success enjoyed by business. It is regularly the means by which a company develops and sustains its competitive advantage.

Management excellence requires a number of skill sets to function effectively in a nurturing environment. Successful management teams are continually striving for improvement focused on such areas as:

1. New products and/or services

2. Better methods of reaching and/or servicing customers

3. More efficient processes and production techniques

4. Quality improvements

5. Improved management systems

6. New approaches to information management

7. Improved internal climate, motivation and communication

8. New forms of employee and stakeholder participation

9. Expanded marketing channels

10. Better purchasing and inventory control processes

11. Improved cash flow

12. Improved profit margins

13. Better returns on marketing investments

14. More efficient distribution channels

15. Expanded market penetration

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Diagnostic Assessments

Looking for help in assessing how you're doing? We can help!

Knightsbridge offers a diagnostic assessment service to help clients assess the health of their company or a specific area or department within it.

A diagnostic assessment involves a thorough review of an existing operation in order to provide an objective assessment of its current performance, key issues and challenges, and future prospects, and the development of remedial strategies and action plans to address the challenges identified through the process.

In many ways, it is analogous to a doctor undertaking an annual physical for a patient, where the doctor undertakes a thorough examination of the patient, initiates additional testing where red flags are raised, and when the diagnosis is confirmed and complete, prescribes the medication or treatment required to return the patient to good health.

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