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Core Components of Effective E-Commerce Programs

Knightsbridge approaches its e-commerce projects by working with the client to build an e-commerce strategy around eight core components:

1. Website Objectives

Identifying what the client's objectives for the website are and how it is to be used, and then detailing the website architecture and functionality which will be required to meet those objectives

2. Target Market Research

Identifying and understanding the target market(s) and their core needs/hot buttons with respect to the client's products and/or services and their Internet habits/practices/usage

3. Website Content Development

Developing website graphics and content which will appeal to and engage the client's target market(s)

4. Search Engine Optimization

Developing and implementing a search engine optimization strategy (using both paid and organic tools) which will drive target market(s) traffic to the client's site

5. Security

Ensuring the site security integrity so that the client and visitors to the client's website will not be comprised in any way, particularly in the area of commercial on-line transactions

6. Marketing/Promotional Programs

Running Internet marketing programs/campaigns to attract visitors and convert the visit into client-desired action

7. Internet Capability Maximization

Ensuring the client is maximizing the Internet capabilities beyond sales, such as order processing, order tracking, customer relationship management, inventory control, database management, field staff support, etc.

8. Tracking and Adjusting

Using tools such as Google Analytics, continually tracking website performance with respect to major search engine ranking, visitors, loyalty, conversions, bounce rates, pages visited, time on site, etc, to enable a program of continual site enhancement and traffic improvement


Areas to be Explored

Most website projects undertaken by Knightsbridge involve detailed probing and discussion of the following five topics:

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Overall Strategic Framework

System Set-up




  • Target Audience

  • Purpose

  • Scale

  • Unique Features

  • Website Architecture
  • Internet Access

  • Bandwidth

  • E-Mail

  • Security

  • Server Capacity

  • Image

  • Interface

  • Functionality Requirements

  • Data Capture

  • Site Monitoring

  • Categories/Sections

  • Database

  • Interaction

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Links

  • Blogs

  • Social Networking Capabilities

  • Search Ability

  • Multi-media Capacity

  • Updates

  • Staff Training

  • Maintenance Costs

  • Administrative Tools

  • Report Generation

  • Management Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Promotional Vehicles

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Social Networking Tools

  • Referral Sites

  • Hubs