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Export Resources, Functions and Requirements


Geographic/Social Cultural Analysis/Market Entry Strategy

  1. What export market options are open to the client?
  2. Why did the client select this area over other possible areas of the world?
  3. Are there any factors in this market which would impact on the client's ability to be successful?
  4. Consider climate, geographic location, language and customs, cultural and religious norms, business practices, population, disposable income, level of imports and their sources.
  5. What region should the company launch into first?
  6. Within that region, which countries or areas first?
  7. After that, where should expansion efforts be focused?
  8. What are the import/export requirements and regulations governing the client's product or service?

The Knightsbridge approach to exporting has a four-part focus:

  1. Available company resources, capabilities and potentials
  2. Overall strategic objectives and approach to developing export markets, including product and market focus, and whether to export directly or through a domestic intermediary
  3. Strategy and actions to effectively enter and penetrate specific target markets, including product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies
  4. Plan implementation, progress against objectives assessments, monitoring, follow-up and adjustments

Within those four areas of focus, Knightsbridge utilizes the following question framework to generate the information necessary to prepare the export marketing plan.

Product Analysis

  1. Describe the client's product, the function it serves, why customers value it, and the end user problems it solves.
  2. Will these functions be valued in the same way in the target export market?
  3. Will it change the way things are presently done? (e.g. a labour saving device may not be required in a low wage environment).
  4. What products are currently available in the target export market to meet the needs of the client's potential customers?
  5. Describe the client's product's strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competitors' products. Will it do a better job, improve accuracy, save time or do it more cheaply?
  6.  Describe the technical aspects of the client's product that users in the target export market may find advantageous or difficult to use.
  7. Will its introduction be compatible with the technological capabilities or degree of readiness for product acceptance, or will changes be required?
  8. What customer product support requirements are needed for export (such as warranty and replacement policies, installation and maintenance, user training, replacement or spare parts stocking)?
  9. What is the current available supply of product (units per month), and how many units will be available at future key milestones?

Customer Analysis

Is market research required?

Distribution Analysis

Promotion/Advertising Analysis

Pricing Analysis

Financing Analysis

Industry Profile/Competitive Analysis

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